Unique Selling Proposition

Each building is unique, and holds its specific challenges. Even small buildings — unless their maintenance is properly pre-planned — may turn into a cost trap, and pose access and/or maintenance problems.

In each of the different phases of a building’s lifecycle, a stakeholder change takes place, which in turn automatically leads to a change in the interests and requirements.

The stakeholders involved in the planning process above all emphasise the design and the construction costs of a given building. However, in the subsequent stages of the building’s lifecycle, the requirements and interests of the stakeholders are, in fact, mostly neglected.

Especially during the operating phase, the requirements shift towards feasible maintenance, accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

We have long since learnt that the goal of a properly functioning building can be reached only under the condition that one takes — from the very start — due consideration of the interests of all of the parties involved. This is the reason why our approach is a holistic and interdisciplinary one, and combines all aspects of the accessibility and maintenance throughout all phases. This is what makes us unique, and you successful.

Take advantage of our interdisciplinary expert knowledge to have your building prepared for any phase.