TAW wins the IQ-Award 2016 in cooperation with Louis Vuitton

The ICPMA and DVP honor international construction projects which set industry standards with regard to the planning process, highly professional realization, and the latest aspects of sustainability.

We are proud to announce, that we won the “Award-IQ for Innovation and Quality in Final Product” for our work on the “Foundation Louis Vuitton” project. The award was presented at the official ceremony during the DVP fall-conference on the 21st of November 2015 in Berlin.

Early in the planning phase of this project, we focused on the premise of combining the design and the building operation in the best possible way. We created new planning and safety regulations, in addition to the development of innovative access and maintenance solutions, in order to obtain authorities approval.

We accomplished this through the development of the Access and Maintenance Management Program (AMM). Due to the innovative methodology of this program, the subsequent building operation and respective optimization potential can be identified in the early phases of planning.

All important information for the building operation was prepared in a user-friendly manner, and provided in the format of an interactive maintenance software program (VISINOM©) which included work instructions and action strategies.

By employing this procedure, we were able to successfully close the gap between planning, construction and operation. This strategy is crucial in order to guarantee a smooth building operation, especially with regards to public buildings.

To fulfill the unique and demanding requirements of this project, special equipment was required. Thus we developed, in partnership with the access platform manufacturer Palfinger, the first worldwide 100 meter platform with only one-sided support.

For these innovations, our client, Louis Vuitton, was honored with the “Award IQ” on the 21st of January 2016 in Paris, for his exemplary initiative in supporting the team-spirit and for the strong sustainability approach of this building.

Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création
Frank O. Gehry
13.751 m²
Project kick-off
October 2014
Services provided
basic evaluation, preliminary design, basic engineering, detail engineering, coordination with the French authorising bodies, functional bidding, Access & Maintenance Management (ZIM) / development and set-up of a maintenance program.