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Each building is unique, and holds its specific challenges. Even small buildings — unless their maintenance is properly pre-planned — may turn into a cost trap, and pose access and/or maintenance problems. In each of the different phases of a building’s lifecycle, a stakeholder change takes place, which in turn automatically leads to a change in the interests and requirements. The stakeholders involved in the planning process above all emphasise the design and the construction costs of a given building. However, in the subsequent stages of the building’s lifecycle, the requirements and interests of the stakeholders are, in fact, mostly neglected. Especially during the operating phase, the requirements shift towards feasible maintenance, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. We have long since learnt that the goal of a properly functioning building can be reached only under the condition that one takes — from the very start — due consideration of the interests of all of the parties involved. This is the reason why our approach is a holistic and interdisciplinary one, and combines all aspects of the accessibility and maintenance throughout all phases. This is what makes us unique, and you successful. Take advantage of our interdisciplinary expert knowledge to have your building prepared for any phase.

We are the experts in the field of building accessibility and maintenance planning

We place our long-standing experience, which covers every single aspect of building accessibility and maintenance planning, gained through over 400 projects, at the disposal of each interested owner, architect, operator and investor. Our core business consists in the holistic consulting and planning of guaranteed accessibility to all of the maintenance-relevant areas, and facilities, along with the engineering of a maintenance strategy optimally tailored to the particular needs of your building. As early as in the initial planning phase of your project, we are on your side to join our forces in the creation of all of the building-design-related fundamental frame conditions that will later on provide for a process-optimised and efficient maintenance. The equipment needed for this purpose — and more particularly the access systems meant for reaching façade areas and facilities — will be engineered by us so that they will closely match the architect’s intentions, and the maintenance measures to be defined in a later stage. At the same time, we process on your behalf all of the maintenance-relevant data to shape them into such useful information as maintenance measures, operating procedures, technical systems , operating sequences, maintenance schedules, etc., within the scope of our Access & Maintenance Management (AMM). Thus, through this comprehensive maintenance-program, at the time when bringing your building into service, you will hold the key to a sustainable, competitive, and value-preserving building. We bring architecture, technical systems, and operation into perfect harmony.

Passion-driven experts

Spectacular architecture, fascinating technology, thrilling visions — we set new standards in the field of accessibility and maintenance of premium buildings and sculptural architecture. We love the challenge to maintain — by means of smart planning and engineering — the beauty, value, and functionality of unique buildings in the long-term. We devote our passion to the development of optimised maintenance programs, which perfectly harmonise the requirements of architecture, technology and operation. Our portfolio is unique and covers a wide range of applications. We co-operate with our clients from the initial idea up to the later defined building management. Our team has an interdisciplinary composition, to provide our clients with the best possible support, at a high level of professionalism.


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